About Prelogram®

The quintessential blank canvas, we believe a notebook can be all things to all people. With a focus on quality, Prelogram produce artisan personalisation using traditional techniques and machinery.

With a flexible and fluid approach, Prelogram are able to handle corporate requests from inception to completion with minimal fuss. Between our brands and their diverse and distinct colour portfolio, we have all bases covered.

Our History

As most companies abandoned analogue print in favour of digital, Prelogram were making moves to buck the trend. We took types, matrices and typesetting machinery from the scrapheap and put them on the centre stage.

In 2011, Prelogram relocated to a converted factory in West Yorkshire and began carving out a niche. The factory now houses all of Prelogram’s studio operations, from production and dispatch to customer support.

Fast forward and Prelogram are still producing quality personalisation for the corporate market, bringing analogue print to a digital world.